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Kumpulan puisi bahasa inggris

The meaning  of love

Love ...
When I meet a beautiful flower garden
I asked them, what is the meaning of a love
Flower says love like roses
Very graceful and beautiful views
But it would hurt if we scratched prickly

Only you can me cry ..
Only you make my world glow ..
Only you is everything to me ..
Light of my heart be mine forever

They say true love is like ghosts ..
Few people have ever felt.
Love like a thief coming unexpectedly gone any unexpected ..
All that's left of departure is bitter love alone ...

by; zaenal abidin

flowers memories

enjoy the breeze
without a word
our hearts speak to each other
without the need to be created

glittering in the sky
embellished clouds and oceans
stretch of the poem in cormorant
firefly fireflies dancing in the dark of night

explained lake flavor
until the flowers are blooming
petals broke at the sky
love scented fragrance airborne

by; afan rex glatik

unrequited love

I never think I wish you were here with me tonight
See the beautiful star with a warm hug you
But it was just a false hope
Which again I could not possibly do

You know I love you
You also know that I love you so much
But why did not mind it
Go left with our memories of the past

Love is not the word cheap and commonplace
spoken from mouth to mouth but love
is the gift of God
beautiful and sacred

by; sahrul nizam

last flowers

you are the first
a love abide memories
ends through flowers
all my love is still awake

I love the bitter sweet
I lead with you
I did it all without the burden of
I love you
I'm willing to sacrifice the lives of

last flowers
I have offered to the most beautiful
be a sign of his love for
last flowers
into a single stored memories

by; fahrul ulum

My mother dear

I do not know what to do without him
She always understands me
He who never Jaded advise me
He who always accompany

Sorry my above this cry
Sorry I over think this stupid
I'm sorry for all my consolation for you
Sorry ....

O Allah,,
Give health to my mother
The length of its lifespan
I wish him happy
Before I or she no

Thanks Mom

by; afif maslukhi
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