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GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player Screenshot

GOM Media Player Editor's Review

GOM Player is a clean looking but powerful video player that I'm using and recommend to everyone. It's lightweight and includes many features, a lot of playback controls and tweaks, skins and much more. The interface is very simple, intuitive and good-looking and the buttons and menus are well placed.

What I like very much about this player is the fact that it has embedded codec system so you won't have to search for codecs every time you cannot play a video format. However, if it happens that you need an extra codec to play a multimedia file that the player didn't come with, the software will automatically identify what you need and it will lead you to the download page.

To see all the options and features of the software, right click on the player. You'll see a menu with a lot of controls and settings for: playback, subtitles, video, audio, filters and much more.

In the Subtitles Preference Menu you can adjust the subtitles options as you like. You can change the font, size, position, character spacing, color and more.

In case you're not happy with the default skin, you can change it by going into the Skin Menu and selecting one of the other two player skins. You can also download other skins from the official player website by clicking on the "Get More Skins...".

Pluses: Customizable; low CPU utilization; ability to play some broken media files; high video quality;

Drawbacks / flaws:-

In conclusion: If you watch video or listen to audio, this freeware player is a must-have application.

version reviewed:

What's New in Version of GOM Media Player

- Disable Splash Screen Function (window that appears when closing the player) added.
- Improved the Gretech MP4 Source Filter.
- Altered default screen size settings.
- Added the LAV Audio Decoder to the Disabled Filters List.
- Corrected the Gretech FLV Source Filter.
- Improved the Gretech AVI Source Filter.
- Product information added to the Windows Control Panel.
- Impoved the Playback Window size adjustment feature.
- Adjusted the default AC3 options.
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